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what people are saying...

Since reading your book, I've been promoted to Detective and I've received two Deputy chief commendations along with the Medal of Merit. This is me letting you know that your book has the ability to rewire the mind. Thank you for your guidance."

It was a class not given in the traditional PowerPoint of 'here's the problem -  here's the solution'. It was an eye-opener to me to be a better person again. I suggested that this be a mandatory class for my entire department; supervisors at minimum."

This class transformed my career, and gave one hell of a leader/mentor to look up to. I'm going to try and get in this class again because it's just that powerful."

Best class I've ever attended. You've opened my eyes tremendously. Keep changing lives and minds brother!"

Capt. Rizzo, I wanted to let you know this is the best class I've attended in the 29 years I've been a police officer. You are an amazing speaker and provided us with great information."

Tom was very passionate about helping others. You can tell that not only does he practice what he preaches, but is also an extremely solid person. Tom has changed my life in law enforcement."

I've told everyone about your class and how I wanted to change and just be better for my guys and myself and my family. Hands down the best class I've ever been to."

This is a guy I haven't met, but you know when he speaks that it is from the heart. His book is one of the most selfless things you can read.

We traveled 125 miles to see his presentation and he didn't disappoint. I have almost 30 years on the job and no one I have ever heard speak has resonated with me the way Tom has. I fully Support his program and am proud to call him a friend."

- Chief John Stevenson

I was blown away by the information and by the way Tom presents it, Thank you for putting together such a detailed and informational course."

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