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After twenty (20) years in law enforcement combined with twelve (12) years of academic instruction, I’ve been blessed to build a unique sense of empathy for the individual spirit of perseverance, which spans a myriad of cultures and diverse backgrounds. I’ve found that by personally deploying this empathetic approach to human relations and interactions, one can foster a sense of disciplined morale which translates into high levels of achievement, while experiencing an internal motivation tending to be shared amongst others. While serving as a management consultant to a family-owned business for years and expanding that mentality to my current administrative position, I’ve established a standard of conduct, subject to self-assessment, to which I both abide by and strive to improve upon with daily goals. Simply stated; I consistently focus on improving not just myself but also those around me. The philosophy rings cannot see/realize the best in others until you are operating as the best version of yourself.

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