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Life has consistently shown that the best teachers are those who help others in terms of where to look, yet not what to see. Many “improvement seekers” are only missing guidance with the vital navigational equipment required for success, however they misinterpret this with what is perceived as the inability to reach the intended destination:

Discipline vs motivation

Leadership as perspective

Foundational relationships

Conflict resolution and solutions

Wellness... let's build the garden

Work life balance

Personal investment for compounded results

Effective communication, written, verbal, and non-verbal

My speaking engagements are formulated  to increase wellness and alignment of personal and professional lives. With career enhancement, morale improvement, and personal fulfillment at the forefront, leadership perspective will shift and self assessment will expand and readily translate into action.

"Ivory Tower" was constructed with the purpose to develop leadership in those who attend as a perspective, not a position. Attendees will be tasked with analyzing their own inner circles and how they can impact their effectiveness as leaders and human beings alike. The ability to receive/interpret/utilize constructive criticism has become rare amongst those in leadership positions. If we form our circles with healthy components, we can extend our reach and effectiveness. The empathetic understanding of the current difficulties must be seriously internalized by the leader if they are to be genuine in their efforts. The contents of this existing seminar can easily be adjusted to fit a diverse audience; spanning generations; positions regardless of hierarchy; from military to public servants to private industry.

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